I went from making only $5/hour to as much as $1000/hour online as a freelancer
I have leveraged the 2 skills I have acquired to maximize my income
In-Demand Skills
Learn a new skill that is always in demand so that you never go without work. An education doesn't have to be acquired in college, learn a new skill in your own time.
Earn Income
Consistently work your way up to making a substantial income from home. It may take time but you're building a stable foundation for a business that will last.
Work Remotely
Acquire a skill that allows you to work from anywhere in the world! Say goodbye to the 9 to 5 grind and commuting! You determine your work schedule!
~Learn a new freelancing skill through my school~
  • NEVER be without work by acquiring in-demand skills
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world!
  • Skills make more money long term 

  • Learn from a teacher who went through trial and error
  • I make sure you do not make the mistakes I did
  • Earn more with less work!
Look What My Students Say
I have over 2,000 students in 112 countries all over the world!
Fiverr Seller
Zachary Scott
"I've spent A LOT of time on the internet looking for either high $ per hour gigs I can offer/semi-passive and this is a friggen' gold nugget for me."
Web Developer
Arshad Ali
"Thank you for the motivation. I got motivation to develop my own website for offering my services. The idea for direct clients is amazing."
Hugh Smith
"Shenteria provides honest enthusiastic instruction/coaching in this course along with specific how-to's you need to move forward."
Sean Cook
"The instructor is engaging and inspires with her story of going from someone with little personal confidence to earning a good living as a freelance presenter."
Video Production Portfolio
Samples of the videos I have created for my clients
Client Testimonials can be found below

Stock Footage Explainer Videos

2D & Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Spokesperson Explainer Videos

Website Tutorial Explainer Videos

Look What My Clients Say
I have worked with clients from all over the world from America to Africa, India to Australia and everywhere in between
"Shenteria was a pleasure to work with. She created 3 whiteboard videos for me, with voiceover and made versions with closed captioning for me. She worked within our tight schedule and delivered high quality work. We couldn't be more pleased with the partnership."
Shenteria is very professional, very organized and pays attention to detail! She is very confident on camera and presentable. She has great editing skills, a good one stop "shop" for all your voice over and video editing needs. She sticks to deadlines and does a good job of communication and being flexible if necessary."
"Shenteria was patient, diligent, and produced a nice video that fit the specifications. Highly recommend her for your animated voice over video."
"Shenteria did a voice recording for me (we needed a variety of voices). She has a very smooth and understandable voice. Her enunciation is excellent! She did exactly what was asked, and was very prompt with her responses. Great job!" 
"I approached Shenteria with quite an open-ended project, but she rose to the challenge and delivered exactly what we wanted. She was flecible enough to adapt to changing directions, and in most scenarios that would frustrate others, Shenteria remained professional and continued to do what was needed for the project. Working with Shenteria again would be a no-brainer. I would hire or recommend her in an instant." 
"Shenteria is very professional, timely, easy to work with and focused on delivering a high-quality product." 
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